New Commission Finished!

Last week I finished the first part of a new commission for two cushions, for two little girls both aged about 1 year.  This had taken some thinking about.  I couldn’t use fabrics which might fray or fluff a lot and the colours had to be bright and vibrant.  The edgings needed to be plain as progged strips could easily pull out.  Here’s what happened.

Cushion commission

Cushion commission

"Grace" cushion commission

“Grace” cushion commission

I used fleece, T-shirt and sweatshirt fabrics for the bright colours.  The cushions had to feel squashy as well as soft, so I used a smaller cushion pad inside.  They were each backed with cerise pink corduroy – soft and hard-wearing.  The difficulty with making rag rug cushion covers is that they will not fit under a normal machine presser foot, so have to be hand sewn.  Also the hessian shows at the edges unless the fabric loops along the edge are oversewn to the backing.  Hard work but I am very proud of the end result and hope the two young ladies will enjoy them!

"Florence and Grace"

“Florence and Grace”



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