Preparation, preparation, preparation ….

As the first rug workshop of 2014 is scheduled for the 2nd February it’s time to begin preparing materials.  I’m not yet in possession of an automatic cloth cutter, so it’s basic stuff with a ruler and rotary cutter.  I cut the cloth into 3 inch wide strips, then slice these into individual “tabs”, with the width of the tab depending on the thickness of the fabric (“thicker the fabric, the thinner the tab”).

Preparing materials

Preparing materials

Cutting all the fabrics ready for two days of workshops will take me the best part of a week, working two to three hours per day.  (I relieve the monotony by listening to the radio or television! )

As well as cutting materials, the individual hessian bases for the rugs have to be cut.  My 10 metre roll of hessian weighs a ton and I get some very strange looks as I’m lugging it to my narrowboat in its “body bag”. Once back on the boat it’s a mega wrestling session unrolling it, and ironing it so it cuts neatly.  The fibres get everywhere so I hoover and shake all the cut pieces, then hoover the chairs, the floor, the dog….  Then I wrestle the body bag back to the car. Here’s a picture of the dog – he’s much more photogenic than hessian!

Jack being helpful

Jack being helpful



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