Cushion to Canada

Last November I stayed with my friend in Torquay for a few days. Gill was already very excited at the prospect of travelling to Canada for her younger son’s wedding on the 28th March.  Over a few drinks in a lovely Torquay pub the plan for the wedding present was hatched.


This picture is of a tattoo that both Dave and Kira have and Gill said that the image means a great deal to them.  Could I put this picture into a rag rug cushion?


So after careful drawing and redrawing of the picture and some manipulation of the colours, this is the result.  I secretly sent Gill the picture and waited with baited breath for her answer.  She loved it.


Dave and Kira were married yesterday and the cushion is now beginning its new life in Canada.  Congratulations to Dave and Kira!


2 thoughts on “Cushion to Canada

  1. This was one of the most thoughtful, and lovely meaningful gifts. You have such an amazing talent and I cannot believe I OWN this beautiful AMAZING piece. We LOVE IT. Thank you so much

    Much love from Canada. X

    • So pleased you like it! Your mum-in-law has very good ideas. Looking forward to seeing you and Dave when you come over next. Lots of love, J x

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